35 Innovators Under 35 2016

The people in our 16th annual celebration of young innovators are disrupters and dreamers. They’re inquisitive and persistent, inspired and inspiring. No matter whether they’re pursuing medical breakthroughs, refashioning energy technologies, making computers more useful, or engineering cooler electronic devices—and regardless of whether they are heading startups, working in big companies, or doing research in academic labs—they all are poised to be leaders in their fields.


These innovators are building the stuff of the future, from a smart sweatband to tomorrow’s memory technology.


Meet seven people who hope to turn innovations into ­disruptive businesses.


By looking at things a bit differently from everyone else, they find powerful new uses of technology.


They are taking unconventional routes to bring about a healthier, cleaner, and more adaptable world.


Pushing the edge of science, these innovators are creating new approaches to tackling technology challenges.