Jon Han

35 Innovators Under 35 2017

MIT Technology Review, as a rule, focuses on the technology first—the breakthrough, the surprise, the accidental discovery with the potential to upend the way we live. Our annual look at 35 outstanding innovators under 35 is a reminder that behind all those innovations are people with dreams, fears, and ambitions. Sometimes they hack away at a problem for years before figuring out a way forward. Sometimes they stumble on a solution they didn’t know they were searching for. We hope these portraits offer a sense of the variety of work being done in technology, and a sense of what’s coming next.


Creating the breakthroughs that will make everything from AI to solar power to heart valves more practical and essential.


Meet the people who are taking innovations like CRISPR and flexible electronics and turning them into businesses.


These innovators aren’t satisfied with the status quo—they’re looking to make things better in a dramatic way.


Finding the technology solutions that can directly improve, and sometimes save, people’s lives.


They’re bringing fresh and unexpected solutions to areas ranging from cancer treatment to Internet security to self-driving cars.