Justyna Stasik

35 Innovators Under 35 2019

It’s part of our ethos that technology can and should be a force for good. Our annual list of 35 innovators under 35 is a way of putting faces on that idea. In these profiles you’ll find people employing innovative methods to treat disease, to fight online harassment, and to create the next big battery breakthrough. You’ll find people using AI to better understand neurological disorders and to make cities more livable. This year's list shows that even in our hard, cynical world, there are still lots of smart people willing to dedicate their lives to the idea that technology can make a safer, fairer world.


They’re creating the innovations that lead to practical quantum computers and CRISPR treatments.


Their innovations are creating new businesses and upending the old ways of doing things.


Their innovations are leading the way to smarter AI, better brain treatments, and a safer internet.


They’re using technology to identify injustices and help bring about a fairer, better world.


In breaking with the old ways, they create better AI, antibiotics, and even architecture.