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Digital platforms drive business success

Digital platforms are becoming the go-to foundation for ensuring innovation, agility, and an exceptional customer experience.

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Across industries, geographies, and business models, organizations today are all essentially in the same business: delivering an exceptional customer experience. While fast innovation, agility, and data-driven intelligence are all integral to meeting this goal, many organizations are stuck with data siloed in multiple internal and external systems, outmoded and slow development processes, and the need to reinvent common best practices for their industries. 

In response, leading businesses are turning to digital platforms, which not only unify data to provide greater intelligence to customers, employees, and partners but also enable connections to enterprise applications and access to cutting-edge analytics and development tools. 

The need for digital platforms is “coming from finance, supply chain, manufacturing, HR, and more and more,” says Vinzenz Kremer, global managing director at global professional services company Accenture. The reason, he says, is their ability to help organizations deliver unique and differentiated experiences by infusing intelligence in all front- to back-office business processes, based on data and insights. “Experiences are more memorable than services, products, or paychecks,” Kremer says. “Experiences create differentiation in the hearts and minds of customers, business partners, employees, candidates, and influencers.”

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