In this episode of Radio Corona on April 7 at 4 pm ET, Gideon Lichfield, editor in chief of MIT Technology Review, speaks with Nelson Mark, economics professor at the University of Notre Dame, about the economic impact of covid-19, how we should think about pandemics as economic risks, and how the US should be thinking about its economy as it compares to China's. They will also be taking your questions.

Mark is an expert in the macroeconomics of China, a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and the North American editor of the Pacific Economic Review. Last week, MIT Technology Review wrote that the US will not be going back to work by Easter, regardless of encouraging news that the Hubei province in China has started to ease restrictions.  We will be asking Mark what this mean for the US.

To watch and/or listen, click this link just before 4 pm ET on April 7, 2020. We also recommend you download or enable the Zoom application. You will be muted, but you will be able to submit questions via the chat.

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