Native advertising at MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review sometimes publishes articles from sponsors in the same channels where our own editorial stories can be found—including the pages of our U.S. and international print magazines, the website’s home page, topic pages, story-level pages, and e-mail newsletters.

Material from advertisers is always unambiguously labeled, and the sponsor is always clearly identified. This advertising material is produced without the involvement of MIT Technology Review’s editorial staff; sponsors either hire MIT Technology Review’s advertising team to create it on their behalf or produce it themselves. The subject matter and relevance of the pieces is approved by the magazine’s publisher. The publisher will reject sponsored content as inappropriate if it is not informative for our readers or is not aligned with the mission of this publication, which is to discuss the impact of new technologies. However, this does not mean that sponsored content reflects the views of MIT or MIT Technology Review’s editors; nor should the presence of sponsored content be taken as an endorsement of an advertiser’s products or services.

Sponsors have no influence on editorial decisions, including what we choose to write about. Editorial coverage of any of our advertisers may be flattering or unflattering, as a story warrants.